Based in Los Angeles and in Paris, Elodie Attias and Aurélie Brisac are two certified coaches and educators committed to offer experiences empowering people to reconnect with their heart intelligence

and promote inner peace, positive changes and spiritual growth.

Welcome to The HeartWorkers Community!


The Heart intelligence is...

A state of consciousness that is characterized by compassion, love & joy and that recognizes that everything is linked through language, emotions and body. It happens every time the ego fades away to welcome the reality of the being in its wholeness, applying a heart first thinking approach. 


The intelligence of the heart can be observed in many ways, such as: 

   * Our capacity for empathy, benevolence for oneself, others and the earth. 

   * Our ability to feel and understand the information and needs hidden behind our emotions

   * Our ability to communicate and express our needs and truths with empathy and compassion 

   * Our ability to adapt to change with a heart first thinking approach



The intelligence of the heart is a powerful mindset for conflict resolution.


We are

A wellness & coaching organization, born to help you close the gap between your true desires & your external reality.

We know

Ontological coaching, nonviolent communication, sound healing, guided visualizations, meditations, breath-work, conscious dance & interactive pedagogy.  

We specialize

In Heart Intelligence. All our programs are a constant mix of rational & heart thinking to architect a culture driven by our hearts. 

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Albert Einstein

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Our Values


The way we learn, communicate and share information to create a new way for people to think, feel and lead with their heart.


Art in all tangible forms to share our healing tools. Every word in a course is intentionally chosen to bring to life the heart language in all conversations.


Each other reach a higher potential while staying rooted in the reality of our world using the heart balance between earth & space.


L'experience proposée par The HeartWorkers est unique et extrêmement enrichissante ! Elle permet d'en apprendre beaucoup sur soi. Elle offre un regard different sur la vie. Un regard positif, généreux et compatissant. Je le recommande fortement à tous ceux qui veulent y voir plus clair et sont prêt à s'ouvrir à soit, aux autres et au monde en général.

Julien C 

I followed the "free youself to be you" course with Elodie and Aurélie with great enthusiasm. They are both exceptionally professional and generous, and very complementary. The training, which cleverly alternates theory and practice, allows you to acquire tools to learn to know yourself, but also to find within yourself and not outside the strength and resources necessary for your personal fulfilment. When you leave the course, you will be carried away by a surge of compassion for yourself, and therefore for others! Highly recommended.

Jessica F