The HeartWorkers’ meditations will help you reconnect with your inner-power of healing. We are experiencing life with our senses. Too often we are not choosing it, we are judging it. And when we choose to experience life through our senses, we taste the potential of the experience at all times. We inhale inspiration & exhale judgement. We feel the energy going through our body. We access highly relevant insights informing our decisions. And whatever our choice may be: i. change, ii. accept or iii. leave the situation we are in, we can always do it with our HEART.


Free Yourself To Be You self-paced program will help you access freedom. Freedom asks that we learn how to discern our personal interior movements. Freedom is this magic space, where we are who we want to be effortlessly. To be free, we need to acknowledge our emotions, feel them, and reflect on them. If you think those moments are too rare in your life. Get ready to be introduced to more freedom in yo0ur life. We have recorded step by step videos for you to explore how to free yourself from reactivity & unlock your full potential.